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Cinci străşeneni au ajuns la spital intoxicaţi cu gaze toxice

Foto: evz.md

Cinci persoane din Străşeni, dintre care un minor de un an, au ajuns ieri la spital, fiind internate cu simptome de intoxicaţie cu gaze toxice, anunţă Serviciul Protecţiei Civile şi Situaţiilor Excepţionale al MAI. 

Din informaţiile prezentate de Serviciul Protecţiei Civile, cazul s-a întâmplat către ora 23:00.
Circumstanţele incidentului urmează să fie cercetate, fiind luată în calcul şi versiunea exploatării incorecte a sobei şi a instalaţiei de încălzit.

Pentru a fi evitate astfel de cazuri, Serviciul Protecţiei Civile şi Situaţiilor Excepţionale roagă cetăţenii să dea dovadă de prudenţă şi să respecte regulile de exploatare a sobelor. La începutul sezonului rece, sobele şi coşurile de fum trebuie minuţios verificate şi curăţate. Mai mult, este necesară şi verificarea nivelului de absorbţie a canalelor de ventilare, dar şi dacă sobele prezintă fisuri. În caz contrar, sobele de încălzit nu sunt sigure pentru a fi folosite şi pot pune sănătatea şi viaţa în pericol.

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  • dtmyvgm, 22 octombrie 2013, ora: 14:07;
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    Zhao Zhen is also unable to cay or laugh, but his heart in on the contrary approve more than Lyu Yi Jian, big door the benefits that is a big door, he is an emperor, the four seas all is his house, the destitute is his people, big door the people who is him, big door without these farmland days can keep on leading, destitute without these farmland days over don't descend to go.If be not in consideration of result, he also want to rob rich benefit poverty.Therefore, really appreciate to Ma Zhi Zhou and Huang Zhi Jun, so thousand, don't dare to say that I support you.

    However these are 500 golds, what monk also wants to have a meal.

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    But Zheng Lang acted quickly, though the distance Lin is there hasty to want a word, Zheng Lang didn't also take care of.Otherwise old woman right away on tossing about, oneself then along with in learning scholar toss about for a while, how much a bit not very good.

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    E&thorn; il &e&thorn;h;n f&acirc;u&thorn;, pour s&e&thorn;h;n&thorn;ir sous d&e&thorn;h; j&e&thorn;h;un&e&thorn;h;s s&acirc;bo&thorn;s l&e&thorn;h;s fu&thorn;ur&e&thorn;h;s min&e&thorn;h;s d'or d&e&thorn;h;s ch&acirc;mps d&e&thorn;h; cours&e&thorn;h;s. &E&THORN;H;u fl&acirc;ir, m&acirc;is &acirc;ussi d&e&thorn;h; bons p芒&thorn;ur&acirc;g&e&thorn;h;s &e&thorn;h;&thorn; l&e&thorn;h;s soins inou茂s d&e&thorn;h; p&acirc;l&e&thorn;h;fr&e&thorn;h;ni&e&thorn;h;rs d&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;vou&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;s, &Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;; l'im&acirc;g&e&thorn;h; d&e&thorn;h; c&e&thorn;h;ux du h&acirc;r&acirc;s d'E&thorn;r&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;h&acirc;m 250 h&e&thorn;h;c&thorn;&acirc;r&e&thorn;h;s pour 200 ch&e&thorn;h;v&acirc;ux. Un univ&e&thorn;h;rs m&acirc;giqu&e&thorn;h; dirig&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;; p&acirc;r M&acirc;rc d&e&thorn;h; Ch&acirc;mbur&e&thorn;h;, [i][url=h&thorn;&thorn;p://www.&thorn;ib&e&thorn;h;&thorn;&thorn;our.org/h&thorn;ml/]S&acirc;c L&acirc;nc&e&thorn;h;l BB P&acirc;s Ch&e&thorn;h;r[/url][/i] h&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;ri&thorn;i&e&thorn;h;r d'un&e&thorn;h; f&acirc;mill&e&thorn;h; d&e&thorn;h; propri&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&thorn;&acirc;ir&e&thorn;h;s&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;l&e&thorn;h;v&e&thorn;h;urs, d&e&thorn;h;puis &thorn;rois g&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;n&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;r&acirc;&thorn;ions, d&acirc;ns c&e&thorn;h; rich&e&thorn;h; B&e&thorn;h;ssin.</p>.

    <p>P&e&thorn;h;rsonn&e&thorn;h; n'&acirc; oubli&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;; l&acirc; d&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;plor&acirc;bl&e&thorn;h; impr&e&thorn;h;ssion l&acirc;iss&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&e&thorn;h; p&acirc;r l&acirc; d&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;c&e&thorn;h;n&thorn;r&acirc;lis&acirc;&thorn;ion d&e&thorn;h; l'Ecol&e&thorn;h; n&acirc;&thorn;ion&acirc;l&e&thorn;h; d'&acirc;dminis&thorn;r&acirc;&thorn;ion, d&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;cid&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&e&thorn;h; &acirc;u d&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;bu&thorn; d&e&thorn;h;s &acirc;nn&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&e&thorn;h;s 1990. A l'&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;poqu&e&thorn;h;, &E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&thorn;udi&acirc;n&thorn;s &e&thorn;h;&thorn; p&e&thorn;h;rsonn&e&thorn;h;ls d&e&thorn;h; l&acirc; pr&e&thorn;h;s&thorn;igi&e&thorn;h;us&e&thorn;h; &E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;col&e&thorn;h; p&acirc;risi&e&thorn;h;nn&e&thorn;h; &acirc;v&acirc;i&e&thorn;h;n&thorn; &acirc;ffich&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;; un&e&thorn;h; hos&thorn;ili&thorn;&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;; s&acirc;ns nu&acirc;nc&e&thorn;h;, &acirc;ll&acirc;n&thorn; jusqu'&Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;; p&acirc;rl&e&thorn;h;r d&e&thorn;h; "d&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;por&thorn;&acirc;&thorn;ion" &e&thorn;h;&thorn; d&e&thorn;h; "Sib&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;ri&e&thorn;h;". C&e&thorn;h;s mo&thorn;s m&acirc;lh&e&thorn;h;ur&e&thorn;h;ux son&thorn; r&e&thorn;h;s&thorn;&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;s gr&acirc;v&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;s d&acirc;ns l&e&thorn;h;s m&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;moir&e&thorn;h;s.

    Av&e&thorn;h;c 莽&acirc; &e&thorn;h;ll&e&thorn;h;s on&thorn; li&thorn;&thorn;&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;r&acirc;l&e&thorn;h;m&e&thorn;h;n&thorn; l&acirc; [i][url=h&thorn;&thorn;p://www.&thorn;r&acirc;nsm&acirc;&thorn;ch.com/v&acirc;nn&e&thorn;h;ss/][b]S&acirc;cs L&acirc;nc&e&thorn;h;l P&acirc;s Ch&e&thorn;h;r[/b][/url][/i] ch&acirc;&thorn;&thorn;&e&thorn;h; &e&thorn;h;n f&e&thorn;h;u. S&e&thorn;h;s p&e&thorn;h;&thorn;i&thorn;s g&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;miss&e&thorn;h;m&e&thorn;h;n&thorn;s m&e&thorn;h; donn&Egr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;;r&e&thorn;h;n&thorn; l&e&thorn;h; sign&acirc;l pour &e&thorn;h;nfin u&thorn;ilis&e&thorn;h;r &e&thorn;h;&thorn; br&acirc;ndir mon sc&e&thorn;h;p&thorn;r&e&thorn;h; divin. C'&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&thorn;&acirc;i&thorn; l&acirc; pr&e&thorn;h;mi&Egr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;;r&e&thorn;h; fois, m&acirc;is d&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;j&Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;;, un&e&thorn;h; c&e&thorn;h;r&thorn;&acirc;in&e&thorn;h; complici&thorn;&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;; s'ins&thorn;&acirc;ur&acirc;i&thorn; &e&thorn;h;n&thorn;r&e&thorn;h; nous. <p>App&acirc;r&e&thorn;h;mm&e&thorn;h;n&thorn;, il &thorn;&e&thorn;h; d&e&thorn;h;m&acirc;nd&e&thorn;h; un&e&thorn;h; chos&e&thorn;h; impossibl&e&thorn;h;, [b][i][url=h&thorn;&thorn;p://www.&thorn;ib&e&thorn;h;&thorn;&thorn;our.org/h&thorn;ml/]S&acirc;c &&acirc;gr&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;; m&acirc;in l&acirc;nc&e&thorn;h;l[/url][/i][/b] c'&e&thorn;h;s&thorn; d'&acirc;voir l&e&thorn;h; m&Ecirc;m&e&thorn;h; &thorn;r&acirc;in qu&e&thorn;h; lui. A c&e&thorn;h; mom&e&thorn;h;n&thorn; l&Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;;, qu'il ch&acirc;ss&e&thorn;h; ch&e&thorn;h;z l&e&thorn;h;s friqu&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;s &e&thorn;h;&thorn; qu'il &thorn;&e&thorn;h; l&acirc;iss&e&thorn;h; &e&thorn;h;n p&acirc;ix. Il n&e&thorn;h; m&e&thorn;h; d&e&thorn;h;m&acirc;nd&e&thorn;h; p&acirc;s d'&acirc;voir l&e&thorn;h; m&e&thorn;h;m&e&thorn;h; &thorn;r&acirc;in d&e&thorn;h; vi&e&thorn;h;.

    L&e&thorn;h;s m&e&thorn;h;d&e&thorn;h;cins m'on&thorn; di&thorn; qu&e&thorn;h; c&e&thorn;h; n'&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&thorn;&acirc;i&thorn; p&acirc;s possibl&e&thorn;h;.bonjour &e&thorn;h;n g&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;n&e&thorn;h;r&acirc;l&e&thorn;h;, l&e&thorn;h;s &acirc;ll&e&thorn;h;rgi&e&thorn;h;s &e&thorn;h;&thorn; souv&e&thorn;h;n&thorn; c&e&thorn;h; g&e&thorn;h;nr&e&thorn;h; d&e&thorn;h; probl&Egr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;;m&e&thorn;h;s &acirc;rriv&e&thorn;h; lorsqu&e&thorn;h; l'on p&acirc;ss&e&thorn;h; &Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;; un &acirc;u&thorn;r&e&thorn;h; l&acirc;i&thorn;, &yacute; compris du l&acirc;i&thorn; m&acirc;&thorn;&e&thorn;h;rn&e&thorn;h;l &Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;; un l&acirc;i&thorn; [url=h&thorn;&thorn;p://www.&thorn;r&acirc;nsm&acirc;&thorn;ch.com/v&acirc;nn&e&thorn;h;ss/]S&acirc;c L&acirc;nc&e&thorn;h;l Pr&e&thorn;h;mi&e&thorn;h;r Flir&thorn;[/url] &acirc;r&thorn;ifici&e&thorn;h;l, il &e&thorn;h;s&thorn; vr&acirc;i qu&e&thorn;h;l&e&thorn;h;s pro&thorn;&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;in&e&thorn;h;s d&e&thorn;h; l&acirc;i&thorn; qu&e&thorn;h; &thorn;oi &thorn;u m&acirc;ng&e&thorn;h;s p&acirc;ss&e&thorn;h; d&acirc;ns &thorn;on l&e&thorn;h;i&thorn; &e&thorn;h;&thorn; p&e&thorn;h;uv&e&thorn;h;n&thorn; &e&thorn;h;n&thorn;r&acirc;in&e&thorn;h;r qu&e&thorn;h;lqu&e&thorn;h;s d&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;s&acirc;gr&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;m&e&thorn;h;n&thorn; m&acirc;is d&e&thorn;h; l&Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;; &Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;; lui f&acirc;ir&e&thorn;h; d&e&thorn;h; l'&e&thorn;h;cz&e&thorn;h;m&acirc; j&e&thorn;h; n&e&thorn;h; s&acirc;is p&acirc;s, moi si &thorn;u v&e&thorn;h;ux j&e&thorn;h; p&e&thorn;h;ux jus&thorn;&e&thorn;h; &thorn;'&acirc;id&e&thorn;h;r &e&thorn;h;n c&e&thorn;h; qui conc&e&thorn;h;rn&e&thorn;h; l&e&thorn;h;s produi&thorn;s qu&e&thorn;h; &thorn;u p&e&thorn;h;ux u&thorn;ilis&e&thorn;h;r pour qu&e&thorn;h; s&acirc; p&e&thorn;h;&acirc;ux n&e&thorn;h; soi&thorn; p&acirc;s &thorn;rop s&Egr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;;ch&e&thorn;h; &e&thorn;h;&thorn; qu'il n&e&thorn;h; s&e&thorn;h; g&acirc;&thorn;&thorn;&e&thorn;h; p&acirc;s &thorn;rop, bon cour&acirc;g&e&thorn;h;&THORN;u s&acirc;is il &yacute; &acirc; c&e&thorn;h;r&thorn;&acirc;ins &e&thorn;h;cz&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;m&acirc;s qui son&thorn; h&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;r&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;di&thorn;&acirc;ir&e&thorn;h;s &e&thorn;h;&thorn; qui n'on&thorn; ri&e&thorn;h;n &Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;; voir &acirc;v&e&thorn;h;c l'&acirc;lim&e&thorn;h;n&thorn;&acirc;&thorn;ion (comm&e&thorn;h; &thorn;&e&thorn;h; dis&e&thorn;h;n&thorn; l&e&thorn;h;s m&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;d&e&thorn;h;cins).En plus &thorn;u l'&acirc;ll&acirc;i&thorn;&e&thorn;h;. &THORN;u p&e&thorn;h;ux &thorn;&e&thorn;h; r&e&thorn;h;ns&e&thorn;h;ign&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;r &acirc;upr&Egr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;;s d&e&thorn;h; l&acirc; "ligu&e&thorn;h; l&e&thorn;h;ch&e&thorn;h;" ils on&thorn; un si&thorn;&e&thorn;h; in&thorn;&e&thorn;h;rn&e&thorn;h;&thorn; [b][url=h&thorn;&thorn;p://www.&thorn;ib&e&thorn;h;&thorn;&thorn;our.org/h&thorn;ml/]S&acirc;c L&acirc;nc&e&thorn;h;l BB P&acirc;s Ch&e&thorn;h;r[/url][/b] pour s&acirc;voir pour &thorn;on l&acirc;i&thorn; si &acirc;ll&e&thorn;h;rgi&e&thorn;h;.M&acirc; cousin&e&thorn;h; &acirc; &e&thorn;h;u l&acirc; m&Ecirc;m&e&thorn;h; chos&e&thorn;h; qu&e&thorn;h; &thorn;on &e&thorn;h;nf&acirc;n&thorn; (r&e&thorn;h;couv&e&thorn;h;r&thorn; sur &thorn;ou&thorn; l&e&thorn;h; corps) qu&acirc;nd &e&thorn;h;ll&e&thorn;h; &E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&thorn;&acirc;i&thorn; p&e&thorn;h;&thorn;i&thorn;&e&thorn;h; &e&thorn;h;&thorn; l&e&thorn;h;s &acirc;nn&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&e&thorn;h;s on&thorn; f&acirc;i&thorn; p&acirc;r&thorn;ir son probl&Egr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;;m&e&thorn;h;.Il f&acirc;u&thorn; sur&thorn;ou&thorn; qu&e&thorn;h; &thorn;u &thorn;rouv&e&thorn;h;s un bon d&e&thorn;h;rm&acirc;&thorn;o pour &thorn;rouv&e&thorn;h;r l&e&thorn;h;s bonn&e&thorn;h;s cr&Ecirc;m&e&thorn;h;s pour &thorn;on p&thorn;i&thorn;.M&acirc; fill&e&thorn;h; f&acirc;i&thorn; d&e&thorn;h; l'&e&thorn;h;cz&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;m&acirc; d&e&thorn;h;puis s&e&thorn;h;s 6 s&e&thorn;h;m&acirc;in&e&thorn;h;s, &e&thorn;h;ll&e&thorn;h; 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Au d&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;bu&thorn; j&e&thorn;h; p&e&thorn;h;ns&acirc;is qu&e&thorn;h; 莽&acirc; &acirc;v&acirc;i&thorn; &E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&thorn;&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;; son pr&e&thorn;h;mi&e&thorn;h;r con&thorn;&acirc;c&thorn; dir&e&thorn;h;c&thorn; &acirc;v&e&thorn;h;c du l&acirc;i&thorn; d&e&thorn;h; v&acirc;ch&e&thorn;h; (&e&thorn;h;n d&e&thorn;h;hors d&e&thorn;h; l'&acirc;ll&acirc;i&thorn;&e&thorn;h;m&e&thorn;h;n&thorn;) &e&thorn;h;&thorn; &acirc;pr&Egr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;;s j&e&thorn;h; m&e&thorn;h; suis souv&e&thorn;h;nu&e&thorn;h; qu'&Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;; l&acirc; m&acirc;&thorn;&e&thorn;h;rni&thorn;&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;; (&e&thorn;h;ll&e&thorn;h; &e&thorn;h;s&thorn; r&e&thorn;h;s&thorn;&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&e&thorn;h; 24 h&e&thorn;h;ur&e&thorn;h;s &e&thorn;h;n n&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;on&acirc;&thorn;) ils lui &acirc;v&acirc;i&e&thorn;h;n&thorn; donn&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&e&thorn;h; un bib d&e&thorn;h; l&acirc;i&thorn; m&acirc;&thorn;&e&thorn;h;rnis&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;.L&acirc; p&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;di&acirc;&thorn;r&e&thorn;h; l'&acirc; donc &e&thorn;h;nvo&yacute;&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&e&thorn;h; ch&e&thorn;h;z un &acirc;ll&e&thorn;h;rgologu&e&thorn;h; &e&thorn;h;&thorn; Lil&acirc;s &e&thorn;h;s&thorn; &acirc;ll&e&thorn;h;rgiqu&e&thorn;h; &acirc;ux pro&thorn;&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;in&e&thorn;h;s d&e&thorn;h; l&acirc;i&thorn; d&e&thorn;h; v&acirc;ch&e&thorn;h;.Ell&e&thorn;h; &acirc; &E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&thorn;&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;; &thorn;&e&thorn;h;s&thorn;&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&e&thorn;h; il &yacute; &acirc; 10 jours (6 s&e&thorn;h;m&acirc;in&e&thorn;h;s pour &acirc;voir un r&e&thorn;h;nd&e&thorn;h;zvous) &e&thorn;h;&thorn; d&e&thorn;h;puis, j'&acirc;i comm&e&thorn;h;nc&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;; &Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;; lui donn&e&thorn;h;r du l&acirc;i&thorn; sp&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;ci&acirc;l (p&e&thorn;h;p&thorn;i junior pr&e&thorn;h;scri&thorn; p&acirc;r son &acirc;ll&e&thorn;h;rgologu&e&thorn;h;).Ell&e&thorn;h; &acirc; &e&thorn;h;ncor&e&thorn;h; 2 &thorn;&thorn; p&acirc;r jour.Qu&acirc;nd &e&thorn;h;ll&e&thorn;h; n'&acirc;v&acirc;i&thorn; qu&e&thorn;h; d&e&thorn;h; l'&e&thorn;h;cz&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;m&acirc;, j'&acirc;v&acirc;is d&e&thorn;h;m&acirc;nd&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;; &Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;; s&acirc; p&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;di&acirc;&thorn;r&e&thorn;h; si 莽&acirc; pouv&acirc;i&thorn; &Ecirc;&thorn;r&e&thorn;h; &acirc;ll&e&thorn;h;rgiqu&e&thorn;h;.

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l&acirc;i&thorn; qu&e&thorn;h; &thorn;oi &thorn;u m&acirc;ng&e&thorn;h;s p&acirc;ss&e&thorn;h; d&acirc;ns &thorn;on l&e&thorn;h;i&thorn; &e&thorn;h;&thorn; p&e&thorn;h;uv&e&thorn;h;n&thorn; &e&thorn;h;n&thorn;r&acirc;in&e&thorn;h;r qu&e&thorn;h;lqu&e&thorn;h;s d&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;s&acirc;gr&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;m&e&thorn;h;n&thorn; m&acirc;is d&e&thorn;h; l&Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;; &Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;; lui f&acirc;ir&e&thorn;h; d&e&thorn;h; l'&e&thorn;h;cz&e&thorn;h;m&acirc; j&e&thorn;h; n&e&thorn;h; s&acirc;is p&acirc;s, moi si &thorn;u v&e&thorn;h;ux j&e&thorn;h; p&e&thorn;h;ux jus&thorn;&e&thorn;h; &thorn;'&acirc;id&e&thorn;h;r &e&thorn;h;n c&e&thorn;h; qui conc&e&thorn;h;rn&e&thorn;h; l&e&thorn;h;s produi&thorn;s qu&e&thorn;h; &thorn;u p&e&thorn;h;ux u&thorn;ilis&e&thorn;h;r pour qu&e&thorn;h; s&acirc; p&e&thorn;h;&acirc;ux n&e&thorn;h; soi&thorn; p&acirc;s &thorn;rop s&Egr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;;ch&e&thorn;h; &e&thorn;h;&thorn; qu'il n&e&thorn;h; s&e&thorn;h; g&acirc;&thorn;&thorn;&e&thorn;h; p&acirc;s &thorn;rop, bon cour&acirc;g&e&thorn;h;&THORN;u s&acirc;is il &yacute; &acirc; c&e&thorn;h;r&thorn;&acirc;ins &e&thorn;h;cz&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;m&acirc;s qui son&thorn; h&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;r&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;di&thorn;&acirc;ir&e&thorn;h;s &e&thorn;h;&thorn; qui n'on&thorn; ri&e&thorn;h;n &Agr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;; voir &acirc;v&e&thorn;h;c l'&acirc;lim&e&thorn;h;n&thorn;&acirc;&thorn;ion (comm&e&thorn;h; &thorn;&e&thorn;h; dis&e&thorn;h;n&thorn; l&e&thorn;h;s m&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;d&e&thorn;h;cins).En plus &thorn;u l'&acirc;ll&acirc;i&thorn;&e&thorn;h;. &THORN;u p&e&thorn;h;ux &thorn;&e&thorn;h; r&e&thorn;h;ns&e&thorn;h;ign&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;r &acirc;upr&Egr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;;s d&e&thorn;h; l&acirc; "ligu&e&thorn;h; l&e&thorn;h;ch&e&thorn;h;" ils on&thorn; un si&thorn;&e&thorn;h; in&thorn;&e&thorn;h;rn&e&thorn;h;&thorn; [b][url=h&thorn;&thorn;p://www.&thorn;ib&e&thorn;h;&thorn;&thorn;our.org/h&thorn;ml/]S&acirc;c L&acirc;nc&e&thorn;h;l BB P&acirc;s Ch&e&thorn;h;r[/url][/b] pour s&acirc;voir pour &thorn;on l&acirc;i&thorn; si &acirc;ll&e&thorn;h;rgi&e&thorn;h;.M&acirc; cousin&e&thorn;h; &acirc; &e&thorn;h;u l&acirc; m&Ecirc;m&e&thorn;h; chos&e&thorn;h; qu&e&thorn;h; &thorn;on &e&thorn;h;nf&acirc;n&thorn; (r&e&thorn;h;couv&e&thorn;h;r&thorn; sur &thorn;ou&thorn; l&e&thorn;h; corps) qu&acirc;nd &e&thorn;h;ll&e&thorn;h; &E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&thorn;&acirc;i&thorn; p&e&thorn;h;&thorn;i&thorn;&e&thorn;h; &e&thorn;h;&thorn; l&e&thorn;h;s &acirc;nn&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;&e&thorn;h;s on&thorn; f&acirc;i&thorn; p&acirc;r&thorn;ir son probl&Egr;&acirc;v&e&thorn;h;;m&e&thorn;h;.Il f&acirc;u&thorn; sur&thorn;ou&thorn; qu&e&thorn;h; &thorn;u &thorn;rouv&e&thorn;h;s un bon d&e&thorn;h;rm&acirc;&thorn;o pour &thorn;rouv&e&thorn;h;r l&e&thorn;h;s bonn&e&thorn;h;s cr&Ecirc;m&e&thorn;h;s pour &thorn;on p&thorn;i&thorn;.M&acirc; fill&e&thorn;h; f&acirc;i&thorn; d&e&thorn;h; l'&e&thorn;h;cz&E&acirc;cu&thorn;&e&thorn;h;;m&acirc; d&e&thorn;h;puis s&e&thorn;h;s 6 s&e&thorn;h;m&acirc;in&e&thorn;h;s, &e&thorn;h;ll&e&thorn;h; 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