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(Doc) Raionul Străşeni ar putea rămâne fără patru gimnazii

(Doc) Raionul Străşeni ar putea rămâne fără patru gimnazii
Foto: Străşeni UNIMEDIA

Începând cu 1 octombrie 2013, raionul Străşeni ar putea rămâne fără 4 instituţii de învăţământ. Conform unui proiect de decizie a Consiliului raional, gimnaziile din Chirianca, Lupa-Recea, Grebleşti şi Oneşti vor fi lichidate.

Decizia de a închide aceste instituţii de învăţământ vine în urma implementării reformei în educație, aprobată de Guvernul Rep. Moldova în iulie 2011 şi a hotărârii „Cu privire la finanţarea în bază de cost standard per elev cu utilizarea coeficienţilor de ajustare în modul stabilit de Guvern pentru instituţiile de învăţământ primar şi secundar general, finanţate din bugetele unităţilor administrativ teritoriale”.

Proiectul de decizie ce urmează să fie pus la vot mâine, 27 septembrie, la şedinţa Consiliului raional numeşte şi instituţiile de învăţământ unde urmează să-şi continue studiile elevii şcolilor lichidate.

Astfel elevii din Chirianca se vor deplasa la Liceul Teoretic Zubreşti, cei din Lupa-Recea vor merge la Codreanca, iar copii din Grebleşti şi Oneşti vor învăţa la Rădeni şi respectiv Ţigăneşti.

Direcţiei învăţământ Străşeni i se pune în sarcină organizarea transportării elevilor din instituţiile lichidate în instituțiile noi numite, iar o comisie specială va organiza restituirea bunurile proprietate publică (clădirile instituțiilor lichidate) aflate în gestiunea Direcţiei învăţământ, autorităţilor publice locale de nivelul întâi.

Străşeni UNIMEDIA menţionează că la 1 septembrie 2011, ca urmare a reformei din învăţământ, Gimnaziul din Saca a fost prima instituţie de învăţământ din raion care a fost lichidată.

Pavel Munteanu, Străşeni UNIMEDIA

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  • Anonim., 27 septembrie 2013, ora: 00:43;
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    peste hotare se gindesc cum sa dezvolte infrastructura.......cum sa mentina tineriii intrun satuc......cum sa ii stimuleze......da la noi in loc sai ajute ei le mai inchid ce mai au.....................unde vor pleca totzi tineri????in centre raionale???? cui ramin bunici-parintziii..............omoritzi satele......nerushinatzi.........sa fure din buget pot...da sa aloce sume de banii pentru viitorul tarii nu pot.........
  • jbglhkj, 27 septembrie 2013, ora: 12:39;
    0 (0)
    sunt bisi ciortzi si vase uibantzi tata vlastiu ii concinii si camuniajili i si aliantza asta ibanaia , o sa plece narodu peste hotare si o sa invetze si o sa ridice tzarile vecine daca politicienii nostri sint pustaslovi na~!!!!
  • rttrfhf, 27 septembrie 2013, ora: 12:42;
    0 (0)
    bicota ii la vlasti
    nici nai si sa li mai spui ... inloc la scoli a sa stroieasca dacii catadjuri ..!!
  • , 27 septembrie 2013, ora: 15:19;
    0 (0)
    da comii au facut azi joc dublu-vor si cu dansa-ntransa si cu sufletul in rai....vot nominal data viitoare sa vedem fata celor pe care i-am ales !
  • GHJ, 28 septembrie 2013, ora: 14:28;
    0 (0)
    Shi asha nu avem multsi copii,tineri cultsi dar mai lichidatsi shi institutsiile de invatsamint care mai sunt shi in genere vom fi o tsara degradata.....nici nu e de mirare ca totsi avem dorintsa sa plecam shi sa nu ne mai intoarcem in astfek de tsara.....plina de necarturari shi cu lipsa de educatsie........
  • Nume șters, 05 octombrie 2013, ora: 19:34;
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    Comentariul a fost sters de redacție.
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    [url=http://www.aurora.com.sg/131101/breast_cancer_awareness_jerseys.html]breast cancer awareness NFL Jerseys[/url] will have bottom Yun like this, is this an advantage? Think, make moves still not slow, ruthlessly fight, if drive they the words of opportunity to hold tight, result night, with lend the advantage of his oneself, so as to inhibit these two sage classes gorilla, absolutely can not have an accident

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  • bsuktxr, 31 octombrie 2013, ora: 07:18;
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    Among the most recent plus most popular diet plan dietary supplements available today occurs range from the Garcinia Cambogia remove. This particular brand new body fat buster may help you reduce weight within a handful of sensible methods based on all of the latest analysis about this get. Precisely what is this particular miracle slimming pill? Plus the reason why, precisely, could it be a favourite nowadays?

    Garcinia Cambogia, or even gambooge, is really a grow contained in Southern Eastern Asian countries. There are some various other brands this particular specific is called, which includes brindleberry, Assam fresh fruit plus Malabar tamarind. For hundreds of years this particular fresh fruit, that is pumpkin formed, continues to be a part of numerous meals in this area from the planet. This expands in order to regarding the sizes of the fruit or perhaps a grapefruit and can are available in a number of shades. This stocks comparable cooking utilizes with all the tamarind. The particular gambooge provides a number of cooking utilizes within Southern Eastern Asian countries, and it has already been utilized for cooking food for several, a long time.

    Actually within Philippines, this particular herb continues to be utilized being an diet enhancing pill for a long time. It is often utilized since the major component for a lot of curries and it is put into numerous sauces, and it also can be utilized within treating seafood in a commercial sense. In this area from the planet, meals are usually used therapeutically. In other words that will food items plus spices or herbs are frequently utilized plus delivered to assist remedy conditions. Garcinia Cambogia is certainly utilized in this manner within Southern Eastern Asian countries.

    They have simply recently been present in the particular , the burkha the qualities of the get will help along with weight reduction, that is the key reason why it offers turn out to be very popular within the slimming pill business. The constituents in the rind are usually elaborate offering the particular Gary the gadget guy. Cambogia the incredible fat reducing features. The capability to battle weight reduction in the few methods is exactly what is usually which makes it therefore efficient for people in order to reduction lbs therefore rapidly. The particular hydroxycitric acid solution (HCA) inside the rind from the assam fresh fruit assists control your own urge for food and in addition it prevents carbs plus sugar through evolving into fat.

    You might like to think about offering Gary the gadget guy. Cambogia a go if you have acquired problems for a long time shedding that will excess weight and also have in no way obtained the final results that you simply desired. Within scientific research, folks who had taken the particular Cambogia health supplement two times everyday could observe their own weight reduction improved two to three instances regular. People who make use of this product might acquire this kind of weight reduction with no producing extreme adjustments for their physical exercise or even ways of eating or even their own general way of life.

    One of the most incredible characteristics from the assam fresh fruit is definitely the capability to assist your own body’s muscle tissue tense up and turn into smaller. Many individuals within the research who also required it dietary supplement skilled a primary period of time by which their health began to then thin before the real weight reduction occasion. This can be excellent information for anyone trying to shed weight plus grow their bodily looks. Bodyweight only really should not be the only real take into account a workout program or even diet plan. By utilizing Gary the gadget guy. Cambogia, people who wish to shed a few pounds are usually self-confident they can do this, along with falling the gown or even pant dimension or even 2.

    Provide <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdF2V6GSV7Q">garcinia cambogia extract</a> dietary supplements a try if you are striving to get rid of these unwanted weight that will don't appear in the future away from regardless of possessing a well balanced diet plan plus exercising regularly.
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    Weight problems are some of the most well-known health and body issues people face these days. It’s no secret that everyone is searching for the newest methods to lose extra pounds. Several work hard to find something healthful, while some will do almost anything, actually sacrifice their wellness, simply to become a few pounds lighter.

    In addition, the fact that almost no you have you a chance to actually do a lot to lose weight, and also the starts arriving off it seems like it can only minutes prior to it's back. You will find loads of individuals searching for stuff that may help them handle their body mass, although not a lot are willing to save money than ten minutes in doing this.

    This is where the particular plethora of weight reduction products enter into the picture. Using a marketplace that allows for several hundred of weight loss items to contend side-by-side, weight loss items, weightloss pills, energy boosters and weight reducers appear to be the solution everybody is looking for. And individuals will try almost anything to lose weight. There never appears to be a shortage of new capsules, diets or exercise plans that will promise as the end-all cure for obesity. The only problem, nevertheless , is that obesity caused illnesses aren't in decline - could possibly be increasing.

    In the event that you’re searching for the right weight loss product that will help finish the same job, you can cut your short by trying out stuff that experts recommend. Consider Raspberry Ketone for example. This product has been featured by Dr . Ounces in the popular “The Dr . Ounces Show” as a part of their very own weight reduction hot listing.

    Developed by Natural Aspects, Raspberry Ketone or PolyGlycopleX, is a weight loss supplement that will uses the internal workings of fiber and its grand effects on the digestive system. Some would quickly think that fiber is easily present in a lot of issues, especially from food items such as vegetables and fruits, so just why buy something which could be easily acquired naturally? Properly, one particular answer to this is actually the idea that in order to really shed some lbs off, you need to get about 25 in order to 30 grams of fiber daily. Most commonly, the average person only gets around 12 grams daily plus that’s it. That is actually clearly solved by this product, aiding the process of losing weight.

    Like many weight products, Raspberry Ketone affects your appetite and eating capacity. Since it uses dietary fiber from konjac main, that is known for being effective at absorbing really high amounts of water, irrespective of its pounds, it could make you feel larger in a less of time. This particular, in turn, helps in preventing a person from eating large portions of food, allowing the body to maintain healthy calorie consumption with no feeling like you’re starving your self.

    If they are to get better results and even associated with procedure for shedding several pounds even faster, experts advise that working out and using a healthy diet could further boost the effects of Raspberry Ketone and other similar dietary fiber products. Which wouldn't want to maximize their particular weightloss system? Many gyms offer basic cardio classes that can help shrink your waistline, but even if going to the gym isn't your own schtick you can always dance the weight apart.

    Aside from weight reduction, Raspberry Ketone also works wonders with regard to other illnesses plus conditions. For example , it is also made to maintain healthy blood sugar plus cholesterol levels amongst its takers. Due to the fact its main component is a powerful fiber, additionally, it may flush out all of the unwanted toxins from the entire body. This consists of the particular cholesterol-containing bile acids. And as it decelerates digestion, it also assists with the continuous release of glucose into the bloodstream.

    The only problem with <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E40IDdCOmoU">raspberry ketone information</a> softgels is definitely its size, though. Some customers tend to grumble about the gels being too large, making it very difficult to take. And since the recommended medication dosage is six pills before every meal, things could get really scary and downright uncomfortable for audience.

    One more issue that some users tend to raise is it includes a specific method about how it works. Given that Raspberry Ketone uses a natural strategy at reducing your weight, it’s very certain, noting typical changes occasionally. This could get confusing for some who also don’t want to focus on factors, when you’re individual enough to really follow instructions, it is simple to enjoy its great advantages.

    To really get the best that Raspberry Ketone has to offer, you will need to prevent rushing factors. The program is admittedly slow paced initially, while you will have to develop tolerance. Taking the full dosage immediately can leave you feeling bloated or by having an upset tummy, so be sure to perform what is instructed to avoid discomforts as such. This is the just thing that will you’ll need to worry in relation to, though, as there are no diet restrictions or recommended meal plans. You are liberated to do and eat whatever you desire, making it a perfect slimming pill for most.

    Raspberry Ketone is another promising weight loss product that you can go for, that will separates itself in the rest due to its formulation. Not many weight reduction products avoid stimulants, as well as fewer obtain mentioned by Dr . Oz . Whether it is going to prove highly effective inside your scheme in order to shed some pounds off, it can all up to you and exactly how you use it. Creating a try wouldn’t injure since it's activator free and most people are fiber deficient anyways.
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