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Ilegalităţi fiscale în domeniul transportului

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Inspectoratului Fiscal de Stat Străşeni în comun cu colaboratorii Inspectoratului Naţional de Patrulare și Inspectoratului de Poliție din  Strășeni au verificat, în cadrul acțiunii inițiate de Inspectoratul Fiscal Principal de Stat, persoanele care practică activitate de întreprinzător în domeniul transportului, se anunţă într-un comunicat al Serviciul Fiscal de Stat.

Acțiunea a început la 19 august 2013 şi s-a efectuat simultan şi în mod coordonat în toate raioanele republicii.

Astfel, de la declanșarea acțiunii, pe raza raionului Strășeni au fost efectuate peste 35 de controale fiscale operative. Urmare a acțiunilor întreprinse, colaboratorii fiscali din componenţa grupurilor mixte de lucru au constatat un șir de încălcări fiscale, respectiv:

  • 12 cazuri de prestare ilegală a serviciilor de transport auto, fără a fi înregistrate la Camera Înregistrării de Stat;
  • 3 cazuri de prestare ilegală a serviciilor de transport auto de călători în regim de taxi;
  • 4 cazuri de transportare a călătorilor fără bilete de călătorie;
  • 7 cazuri de transportare a mărfurilor fără documente de provenienţă;
  • 4 cazuri de nepredare imediată a tichetelor  de călătorie.

Tot în cadrul acțiunii au fost stopate şi reţinute 4 unităţi de transport în calitate de corpuri delicte, cu suspiciuni în actele de provenienţă a mărfurilor transportate. La fel a fost stabilit și un caz de transportare a călătorilor în regim de taxi cu licenţă nevalabilă, care a fost procurată de la o companie  care, pe moment, nu este înregistrată în Republica Moldova. Menționăm că Licenţa este un act administrativ cu caracter permisiv, eliberat de autoritatea de licenţiere (Camera de Licenţiere a Republicii Moldova). Pe cazul dat materialele controlului au fost remise Procuraturii Raionale pentru examinare sub aspectul comiterii infracţiunii de escrocherie (art.190 Cod Penal). Valoarea încălcărilor fiscale în urma acestor acțiuni de control constituie 85.7 mii lei, inclusiv sancțiuni fiscale - 80,0 mii lei, și sancțiuni contravenționale în sumă de 5,7 mii lei.

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    4 cazuri de transportare a călătorilor fără bilete de călătorie;
    4 cazuri de nepredare imediată a tichetelor de călătorie.
  • , 24 septembrie 2013, ora: 18:20;
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    si toti infractorii erau din pd si pl......:)
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    "Hey Hey, all right, you all come over!"Liu Cheng Feng at 1:00 also not wriggle of start to grasp her small hand, " in fact I am to comprehend this trade secret, so just can break bottleneck."

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    [url=http://www.canaseed.com/images/new/game_jerseys_nfl.html]Cheap NFL game Jerseys[/url] The square green Lan kneaded to say for a while on her small fart fart:The husband wants to take a shower now, you accompany me to wash together.Still you wash by yourself, I just once washed.Mu snow Chinese fir says. Wash 1 time again, the husband liked you to rub to carry on the back for me most .

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    [url=http://www.chocolatereview.co.uk/include/nba_premier_jerseys.html]NBA Premier Jerseys[/url] Te the square green Lan can revenge to avenge for oneself first, the square green Lan smiles to say:Is not making disorder and dismay an among those

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    "The Australians will be playing deep and it will be important to 'tear them apart', so to speak, by putting balls in from the wing. It is no problem having a lone striker up front, we just have to make sure he is well fed with possession. Whether I play on the left or right doesn't matter, he added
    He wrote: 鈥淎t FIFA, Alun will be remembered as a man who represented his country鈥檚 football [url=http://www.bcveg.com/stats/]nhl jerseys[/url] at all levels, under whose visionary leadership a league structure was established in Wales, thus contributing to the development of the game and creating more chances for Welsh players to compete at elite level.
    Right now, it would come as a surprise to few - not least the club's fanatical Blue Horses supporters club - if a statue of Todd were commissioned to stand outside the club's Essex Park stadium.Substantially unchangedNever big hitters in local football, Randers went into this season with the squad that finished eighth in 2006/07 substantially unchanged - the only notable adjustment saw Kevin Stuhr Ellegaard replace Martin S.
    Of the nine submissions, one of the debates that certainly managed to get delegates engaged was the discussion on whether - and/or how - traditional medicine can be implemented in football.The matter proved to be of particular interest, as this year is the first in which a FIFA World Cup&trade; will be played on the African continent.
    However, the star of the show may be the tight-lipped [url=http://www.gouldpianotrio.com/kits.htm]cheap football shirts[/url] Berdyev.Quiet manCoach since 2001, Berdyev became Rubin's vice-president and [url=http://www.westphalstaffing.com/whats_new/nfl.php]cheap nfl jerseys[/url] de facto general manager in 2004. Unashamedly sullen in his dealings with the local press, he allows his defensively-orientated style to speak for itself. With Rubin two points clear of FC Dinamo Moskva at the top of the 16-team table, for the moment his side are producuing results worth shouting about.
    It is precisely this colourful and diverse mix of teams that is helping to give the UEFA Cup the feeling of a true Thursday night rendezvous, right across Europe. 'Strong brand image'"When you add to this the rebranded and increasingly used opening and closing TV bumper sequences, you begin to realise that we are building a strong brand image for this competition, the UEFA CEO added.
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Here WOODTV Interactive Radar, . Check out regional radar, , , and . Here the College of DuPage Radar Map, the local warning/advisory map and the National warning/watch/advisory map, and a surface weather map. You can checkout the latest Grand Rapids NWS discussion, the Northern Indiana NWS discussion (includes the Michigan Counties that border Indiana), the discussion for Northern Lower Michigan, and Eastern Lower Michigan. Here the Spyglass Condos Weather Station the S. Haven GLERL station, the Muskegon GLERL station, the Grand Haven Steelheaders webcam and weather station, and the weather station at Holland State Park. lightning, the Maranatha and links to webcams. Here the infrared satellite loop (night) and the (daytime), Lake Michigan water temperatures. Links for watches and warnings in the thread below this one regarding severe weather and the latest from the Storm Prediction Center. 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First responders many of them volunteers risked themselves to rescue and remove their fellow citizens from imminent danger.As the immediate crisis passed, we began the slow process of healing our wounded communities. Major transportation routes have reopened, armies of volunteers have begun rehabilitating neighbourhoods and, against all odds, The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth is proceeding. This calm and orderly response truly is a testament to the character of Albertans. However, we know the rebuilding has only just begun, and I know many of you have questions about the next steps.Many people have asked me what they can do to help. of Bighorn.RCMP Victims Services groups have been providing direct support to those in our communities, as well as bolstering flood response across the region. These charitable organizations, including the Bow Valley Victims Services Association, Cochrane and Area Victim Services, Airdrie and District Victim Assistance Society, and the Chinook Arch Victim Services, are always looking for committed volunteers. In addition, my charity hockey game the Rocky Mountain Hockey Challenge is a major fundraiser for these groups. Due to flooding, the game was rescheduled for Aug. 18 at the Cochrane Arena.For those who suffered property damage during the flooding, the Province of Alberta is providing disaster financial assistance. For specific information, people are asked to contact the Alberta Emergency Management Agency at 18886711111.As part of this effort, the federal government will reimburse the Province for payments to individuals, providing up to 90 per cent of the eligible costs. 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